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New design proves Langlee competitive to wind power

Recently, Langlee Wave Power completed wave tank tests at Cehipar (Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo) in Madrid and verified a 80% higher efficiency of the 132 kW Langlee Robusto compared to the previous design.

Cehipar has one of the largest wave tanks in Europe, measuring 150x30 meter and a maximum water depth of 10 meters.

The 1:18 scale tests proved a maximum power efficiency

of 64%, which gives the 132 kW Langlee Robusto more than 50% load factor and 4,400 full capacity hours pr. year.

In addition to energy production, the forces on structure and mooring lines were measured, and verified that the design will operate safely even through the roughest weather.

Langlee's patented wave power technology combines standard components in a new way. By using field proven solutions, the fabrication cost is reduced drastically.

Langlee Wave Power is a Norwegian-Spanish company, combining Norwegian offshore technology and Spahish industrialisation to create safe and efficient wave power.

Langlee is currently focusing on the Canary Island as the initial market because of stable wave conditions, good offshore industry and the highest energy cost in Europe.  After the pilot projects Langlee will extend its focus to the international market.